Jesus commanded the church to "Go and make disciples." Winning over the hearts of teens requires relationships with caring and courageous adults who will mentor teens in the Catholic faith.

YDisciple is a parish process of discipleship that involves recruiting, training and empowering adults and parents to disciple teens in the Catholic faith. YDisciple provides a four-year systematic process that provides video based training and content so that adults can journey with teens through the challenges of adolescence and into Christian maturity.

A parish subscription with YDisciple will provide you with:

  • A parish vision and process of implementation for small group discipleship
  • Recruitment strategies and training videos to empower adult volunteers and parents
  • Video based, interactive studies to guide a small group of teens through the richness of the Catholic faith
  • Follow up sessions for small groups that provide demonstration in Christian living

YDisciple is possible for every parish in the country, regardless of demographics, financial resources, or even staff. we advocate an approach to youth ministry that models the strategy of Christ Himself - intentional discipleship. What a parish needs is caring adults who are willing to walk with a teen and answer the call to, "Come and Follow Me."


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